Over the summer we ran a number of online consultations to help us with preparing the outline proposal that has now been submitted to government.  We'd like to thank everyone who took part in these consultations.  Your valuable comments helped to shape and strengthen our proposal.

You can read the outline proposal that was submitted to government here.

You can read a summary of the proposal here. 


We are now preparing  the full and final proposals, which will be submitted to government 9 December 2020.

Below are the ways that you can have your say on local government reform, and the East and West model in this final stage of the preparation process:

Current consultations

Which model do you support - ?

Compare the two models of local government reorganisation that have been submitted to government, and vote on which one you believe would be best for our region.

Take part here

Town and Parish Councils:  your views on devolved powers

In the new unitary structures, there is an opportunity for Town and Parish Councils to take on additional responsibilities - but what do you think?  In this consultation, we ask Town and Parish Councillors (and their Clerks) to give a perspective.

Please note this consultation is for Town and Parish Councillors and their Clerks only.  

Take part here

To give us your general views on the East & West proposal for local government reorganisation, please email us at


Pledging your support

Sign up to support

If you believe that the East/West model of two balanced unitaries is the best model of local government reform for the future, you can sign our pledge.  You can also give a comment of support if you wish.

Pledge your support here

Give us a video message of support

If you'd like to make your message really personal, you can use our video booth, to give us a 90 second video message of support.

Use the video booth here

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